What is SEO? I think you have the same problem as I have when someone from your family or your buddies ask you that.

What is it? Why is that important? What the hell those “experts” on SEO do? Why those 3 letters and not other 3???

Those are some of the questions that I need to reply every week. It’s simple when you explain that to someone that knows a little bit about digital. But, for someone that doesn’t know nothing about this “recent” thing called internet, it’s a pain in the a***.

SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization (that’s why it cannot be other 3 letters), where those experts optimize your website to be visible for the persons that “search” for services or products related with a specific website.

This was till some weeks ago, my straight and default answer for everyone that asked me a little bit about SEO. Well, that was not the correct approach, for sure. On the next day, the same person was asking the same thing. I needed to change something…

That’s why I created the history of the SEO Club.

Imagine the best club of your city (on this case it will be Google). Google Club is the best place in town to be, everyone is there and for sure you (your website) want to enter and be visible.

When you arrive at the Google Club, for sure you’ll enter, but there is a huge queue that is bigger than the wall of China.

Luckily, there are some PR’S (SEO Experts), that know how to enter in the club more easily, faster and they will put you at the entrance in no time (Google Top Search).

For that, these experts, will dress you up correctly, teach you how to speak correctly, correct your posture and a lot of other magic things in order to bring you from the queue end to the first places.

Got it? Those Google Experts will dress your website correctly (Better Image), teach you how to speak correctly (check the language (code) of your website), correct your posture (correct the content of the website), and other magic things in order to bring you from last website on earth, to the very top results.

That’s the magic of SEO.